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A number of very complex issues surround the factors that affect proper weight management. There is an interaction with our body hormones, glands, energy levels and how the body will utilize various food groups. Sustainable weight loss must incorporate all these factors.

Carbs and Weight Loss

You can make your body leaner by a process termed carb rotation. By reducing your carbs intake on some days and taking in more carbs on other days, your body is better able to maintain muscle mass while lowering your body fat.
For athletes, you can apply this principle to help you build muscle yet only adding a minimal amount of body fat.

One method suggests that you first permit four days of moderate carbohydrate and then follow this with eight days of higher carb intake. This system permits the individual who constantly fights body fat issues to add muscle while maintaining lower body fat.

Match protein consumption to bodyweight

Starvation diets are destined for failure from the start. Your metabolism slows far too much causing low energy levels and not only leads to weight loss plateaus, it leads to higher accumulation of body fat.

Protein gives the body the building blocks of muscle growth. You need to consume at least a gram of complete protein per pound of bodyweight daily. Those that will benefit you include the protein found in meat, eggs, dairy and milk or egg based protein powders. Although vegetables and grains have some protein, they are not of high benefit in muscle building.

Carbs help induce the release of insulin, which helps to convert protein and carbs into muscle. It must be remembered though, when you take in too many carbs, they will be easily converted to body fat and stored. Thus, a moderate intake four straight days will keep your insulin levels up.

Changing to a high carb intake after four days of moderate intake, further increases insulin levels. This helps to put the body into an anabolic state. These eight days of high carbs will saturate muscle glycogen which is a catalyst for muscle growth.

Repeating the cycle of four days of moderate carb intake followed by eight days of high carbs will help keep your body fat from rising too much while you continue build muscle. The four modified carb days will allow you to call on glycogen stores and remain lean yet build muscle.

Consider these as suggested cycle lengths. Reports show they work very well for a large number of people. You can adjust these cycles based on your own body’s response. If you think that you are storing more fat than you should, try shortening the high carb cycle to six days. Reduce your carb consumption during your moderate intake cycle.


Scientific research has shown that taking in the correct nutrients at the proper times creates a “thermic” fat burning effect. According to the theory of thermogenesis, food, especially carbs, can be burned off as a by-product of increased metabolism rather than stored as body fat. Thermogenesis is one reason why ephedra products help in fat reduction.

They increase your metabolic rate and promote the burning of carbs and stored body fat. The process of changing from a lower carb intake to a higher carb intake increases the thermic effect.


Thyroid levels can fluctuate based on what you eat. Dieters often experience a drop in thyroid levels while those who overeat might experience an increase in thyroid levels. Even though the increase is usually minimal with overeaters, the benefit is less fat storage and greater muscle growth. It is reported that slightly higher thyroid levels help stimulate fat burning.

Moving from a lower carb intake to a higher carb intake can affect hormone levels and in turn promote muscle formation instead of fat storage.


Carbohydrate cycling is a simple but effective program to encourage muscle formation. Often, when bodybuilders enter bulking period, they overeat to be sure they are providing their bodies with all the protein and nutrients they require for muscle formation. This often promotes the storage of excess fat.

By using carbohydrate cycling, you help stimulate the hormones and put your body processes into an anabolically desirable environment. This in turn promotes maximum muscle growth and minimal storage of fat.

Remember when dieting, it is possible to safely lose up to fifteen pounds in just thirty days by following a healthy nutritional program. Registered Dieticians, have the education it requires to induce rapid and permanent weight loss through proper diet programming.

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