What Is Lap-Band Surgery Procedure

gastric banding.thumbnail What Is Lap Band Surgery ProcedureThe Lap-Band system is becoming more and more popular because of its less invasive surgical procedure. This is actually one of the types of Weight loss surgery geared towards aiding people in their journey towards effectively losing weight when no other means of weight loss diet and exercise programs work for them. Not all people can undergo this procedure, only those who are considered morbidly obese can. The Lap-Band system is an adjustable gastric silicone band designed to help you lose the excess body weight which will in turn improve your weight-related health problems, if any, and even enhance your quality of life in the long run.

The Lap band is named after the surgical technique used in performing the procedure called laparoscopic and the medical device mentioned the gastric band. The gastric band resembles a belt or ring like design placed around the upper part of the stomach. This can be filled with saline using the port on its other end to restrict more food taken in, resulting in reduced stomach capacity to give the feeling of fullness or satiety faster. By eating lesser foods, you tend to lose weight faster.

So what are the advantages of the Lap-Band system as compared to other types of Bariatric surgeries? The first noticeable positive benefit from the Lap-Band system is the minimal trauma for the patient. This is because of the small incisions, minimal scarring, reduced patient pain, minimized length of hospital stay, and lesser recovery period for the Lap-Band patient.

It also has fewer risks and side effects associated with it unlike other Bariatric surgeries. It has ten times lesser operative and short-term mortality rate than Gastric bypass. It also has lower risk of nutritional deficiencies and decreased risk of hair loss. In addition, the patient won’t be able to experience the dumping syndrome commonly associated with other Bariatric surgeries. The patients who have undergone other types of Bariatric surgeries experience the dumping syndrome which includes nausea, weakness, sweating, faintness, and possibly even diarrhea soon after eating.

The Lap-Band system’s adjustability makes it very ideal in allowing an individualized degree of restriction for that ideal rate of weight loss for each patient. The adjustment method can easily be done in the doctor’s office which usually involves either injecting or retracting of the saline fluid. Its adjustability feature also supports any pregnancy in women since the Lap-Band can be opened to accommodate any required increase in the pregnant women’s nutritional needs. The Lap-Band system is also reversible meaning it can be removed at any time allowing the stomach and other anatomy generally restored to their original forms and functions.

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