Yin & Yang, a Chinese cure to dietary health problems?

chinese cure.thumbnail Yin & Yang, a Chinese cure to dietary health problems? Poor dietary habits are increasingly held to blame for a variety of health problems including obesity, digestive disorders, and a vulnerability to illness as an indirect result to the breakdown of the immune system.

We are eating too much food, too fast. And it’s not just what we are eating that is of concern, but with, and when.The yin and yang philosophy is not to be taken simply as just the Chinese way of saying ‘Eat a Balanced Diet’.It is a philosophy the Chinese follow not just in the preparation and cooking of food, but everyday life.

For instance, if you love certain things, you learn always to watch out that you do not have too much of one thing—even exercise, even making money, even success. If somebody is too successful, making too much money, then they have lost sight of who they are, of the family values.

They don’t have time to spend with the parent or with the children.So the idea of yin and yang is a practiced philosophy where people learn to have a more well-balanced life. And food is the same. When you go to a Chinese restaurant, when you order and prepare Chinese food, you got to watch out. You don’t want to have too many deep fried dishes.

You don’t want too many dishes all with meat. You want to balance the meat with the vegetable dish, and you want to balance the sweet and sour with some lighter fare. You want to balance deep fried dishes with steamed dishes. It’s all about balance.

The original food-combining diet is known as trophology. With a long history in China, it is much more than a get-slim-quick diet. The basic belieft of trophology is that different foods are digested differently.

With proper food-combining, your body can function to its full potential, with a well-oiled metabolism efficiently utilising nutrients and eliminating waste. A healthy, trim body is the result of proper food-combining rather than the driving purpose.

 ”There is a saying in Chinese medicine that ‘where there is free flow, there is no pain’. If we have balance, we are totally harmonious. If we are out of balance, we have problems.

In the practice of trophology, foods are divided into four energies – hot, warm, cool and cold – relating to the energy absorbed by the food. Hot and warm foods are considered yang foods, and have a stimulating, fiery effect on the body.

Cool and cold foods are known as yin foods, and have a calming effect on the internal organs.Everything in life is either yin or yang. Yin is the feminine, yang the masculine; yin is below the ground, yang above the ground.

In the West, we can roughly equate yin and yang foods as being either acid or alkaline. Starchy foods, or carbohydrates, such as rice and grains, need an alkaline environment to be digested.

Protein foods, such as meat and eggs, need an acid environment. We need both to achieve a harmonious balance but, problems can arise when starches and proteins are eaten at the same time.

The worst combination, is eating protein with carbohydrates. Meat and mashed potato or meat and bread is a very bad combination that doesn’t work in the body. When proteins and carbohydrates are consumed together, the body secretes both acid – (hydrochloric acid with pepsin) – and alkaline solutions (ptyalin and bile produced by the liver).
These are thought to cancel out each other, resulting in a watery substance that cannot digest either of the foods, leaving carbohydrates to ferment and proteins to putrefy.

Due to the inefficient metabolism, much of the nutrients contained in the food ends up feeding the thriving bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and diffusing toxins throughout the body via the bloodstream.

We may get bad stomach or bowel problems or digestive problems, or develop an allergic reaction, and as the liver gets overloaded, you end up with other problems because the body can’t cleanse itself. 

Not everybody is lining up to support such a clear-cut dietary division. It is not really a valid concept, but see it as being beneficial to combine different nutrients in the one meal.

The body is set up to digest whatever you put in there, and some nutrients, such as iron and vitamin C, help each other to be absorbed.

Following all the rules of trophology, you ensure efficient metabolism and elimination and, in doing so, you also help to reduce body weight by flattening the stomach and transverse colon areas.

You’ll notice that your weight will go back to normal, acid/alkaline balance goes back to normal, bowel movements will become healthier, and a lot of things that people wouldn’t think of as being the result of poor food combining, such as allergies, may improve.

No food can be 100 per cent protein or starch. With food combining, what matters is the main nutritional factor. As a guide, foods with 15 per cent or more protein are regarded as protein foods.

Those with at least 20 per cent carbohydrate content are regarded as a carb. You can combine small amounts of an opposing food, particularly where there are plenty of vegetables to supply helpful enzymes. Be well always icon smile Yin & Yang, a Chinese cure to dietary health problems? Author: Rowell Bulan, M.D.
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